Michael Oliver of Natural Selling, in conjunction with Jack Ensign has put together a special *Products and Free Coaching* package for our team.

This will allow you to receive Michael's products of book and 8-tape set with 2 FREE 75 minute TeleCoaching sessions as soon as we have 50 of you who have taken advantage of this

Normally this package would be $97 for just for the book and tapes, but Michael is offering it to our group at $77 PLUS the 2 TeleCoaching sessions.

Here's another bonus. Those of you who have already got both the book and the tapes, you can also join us once we have the numbers

Dates of TeleCoaching Classes: Once 50 NEW purchases of the combo package have been purchased, the dates for the coaching will be setup in consultation with Jack Ensign.
The coaching will also be opened to people who have previously purchased the book / 8-tape set.
If you or any of your team would like to take advantage of this Special offer, please follow the directions below.

To purchase and register click on the URL at the end of this Paragraph. You will come to the Product page on the Natural Selling website

In the top right-hand corner of the page Type in the Login Code: NIKKENJ

You will now be on a Special Product Page click the 'add to cart' link and fill in the appropriate information.

Click here to register

If you have any problems please contact: info@naturalselling.com

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