Hi Leaders, Royal Platinum Partners, Kaizen Team & Silver Express,

Here is a Worksheet you can use to help you plan your 2nd Quarter.

And we will be discussing it on our Saturday Workshop Call Saturday March 25th.

Incentives You Will Achieve (or work on) in  2nd Quarter
 - Next 90 Days! April-May-June

         1. Entrepreneur Clubs
             * 6000 QPGPV in 30 days
             * 3 New FL Executives(newly sponsored or existing Directs)
             use as the B to go Silver  (collect $300 cash bonus for each one you complete)
             or do as the A to help people on your Team Go Silver

          2. Paragon - develop 3 FL Silvers, 18,000 cummulative QPGPV
              in 3 Consecutive Months and collect a $1000 Cash Bonus
              fill in potential names now or as you progress into the quarter

             ________________   _______________   ________________

          3.  Pinnacle Prize - develop 3 FL Platinum's in 2017
               and collect a $2500 Cash Bonus + a Luxury Cruise

             _______________   _______________   __________________

          4. Team Kaizen

              a.  do 500 QPPV each & every month (new consultants in 2017
                   have grace period the month they join, they need to start having
                   their 500 QPPV the first month after they join)

          + b.  develop 4 FL Silvers in 2017

                 I intend to develop ___ (1, 2, 3, 4 etc) Silvers in next 3 months

              ______________   _______________   _______________   _______________

          5. Your Rank Goal on or before June 30th

               ____ Silver   ____ Gold   ____ Platinum    ____ Diamond   ____ Royal Diamond

          6.  Your Goals for Monthly Revenues from your Nikken Biz

               __________  April   __________  May   __________ June

 Your  Actions Plans for 2nd Quarter  April, May June
        *** This 2nd Quarter is pretty pivotal to reaching your 2017 Goals!  ***
                     Let's do A.O.M.A. and make the next 90 Days Really Count

What do you need to be doing daily, weekly, monthly to accomplish your Quarterly Goals??
Set up Your DMO (daily method of operation), Your Rhythm of the Business

# ___    new names added to your database  (suggest 10 min per week)

#___     new INVITES  you invited to take a look , can text, call, invite in person, etc   (suggest 10 min per week)
# ___   appts done, these can be ABC in person, over phone or using tools.   (suggest 3 min per week)
# ___  business presentations/events I will host or attend, either live or on line    (suggest 1 min per week)
            Note: have events for your new people to Invite to :-)
#___    followups & nurture  (suggest lots!)

# ___   new enrolled Customers   (goal 1 per week or more)
              Note: more will probably take more invites, more presentations & more FU/nurture
#___   new sponsored Consultants  (goal 1 per week or more)
            Note: more will probably take more invites, more presentations & more FU/nurture
#___  getting started session, individual as your sponsor, & team training once a month

#___  Promote Next Event (Sat Team Workshop, your local events, in homes, webinars)
           Always Promote the Next Event and always set the next follow up appt (in person or by phone)

How many New Consultants do you need personally and in your team to meet your 2nd Quarter Goals?

ie: If you intend to develop 2 New FL Silvers and be on strong tract to Team Kaizen -
You will want to adjust up the number of Contacts you Add to your list daily & weekly,
the number of people you INVITE daily & weekly, etc.

Mastermind this with your Mentor to come up with your daily & weekly plan
that will meet your 2nd Quarter Goals! :-)

IMPORTANT:  KEEP a running tally of your numbers for each week and monthso you can see if you are on track with your plan, or if you action plan needs to be revised to meet your goals,
AND you can see where to improve your mindset & skills.
     ie: you have 10 plus invites per week but no appts,
         or you have 3 or more appts per week but few sign ups, or you have signups but no QE's/biz partners
         you now know where to focus, where to change your self talk & what skills you need to improve

April  Goals & Action Plan - you can use this to help you think thru your detailed Action Plans

NOTE: you may not reach your goals but you will achieve a WHOLE LOT MORE than if you don't set any
goals or direction and just drifting thru your month "hoping" you have a good month

1.  ________ start with YOUR VISION for your New Life on Purpose !!!!!!

    ________ inner game, self talk, affirmations, prayer, personal growth

2.  ________  Set your QPPV  goal for April
                          As of  Jan 2017 you now need  100 QPPV 
                         (qualified personal point volume meaning retail  PV from customers )

NOTE:  500 QPPV every month in 2017  if you are running for Team Kaizen

3.________  your QPGPV goal for April,  ( your personal group goal)
                        (Silvers need 1500 QPGPV or more, Platinum's, Diamonds and Royal Diamonds need 1000 QPGPV
                         you will want to be shooting much higher than this as you are developing Silvers
                         to reach Team Kaizen and go to Japan!!!)

4.  ________ plus your QPOPV for April (your total Organizational Volume) goal
                          if your have Breakaway Silvers or above

  NOTE:    a. your retail sales profit,   + b. your rebate on your the CV of your PPV,
  + c. your overrides on the CV of your PGV , + d. your leadership bonus =  this will result in your check! 

5. ________     Your Next Step Check and the date "  I AM delighted! My ___(date)
                               _______check just came and it is _______(amt)________!!!!!

6. ________  your Sponsoring Goal this month (_____ you, &   ______your Team Sponsoring Goal)

7. ________ # of Entrepreneur Clubs this month ( _______ you,  ______ your team)
                         print our the rules and the forms in myNikken

8. _____ rank advancements for this month, who & to what rank

                 and your Action Plans for helping them ( launch calls& in home events'
                 entrepreneur clubs, local events etc)

9. _____ #  of your team working on Going Silver!   (names and target dates for Silver)

______________,     __________________,   __________________

10. what is your next local event? ______________________________________________

_____ # to your next local event, (set goals for #____ of consultants & #_______ of guests)

  _______# on our Sat Team Workshop!

 _____ # to next quarterly event,  what is your next quarterly event you are inviting to?

                __________ (Active Wellness Tour Event, Expo, HBM etc),

   ______ # to Orlando  April  27 - 30th International Field Convention      _____ # to San Antonio in October

                   set goals for number of legs ______, number of guests _____, number of consultants_________ !!!!!!

11.  Your Date & Action Plans to be Paragon __________________

       your 3 potential FL Silvers ________________,   _____________________,   ________________

12.  Your Next Rank Goal ______________________

13.  Your Date & Action Plan to achieve Pinnacle Prize

14.  You Action Plan to achieve Team Kaizen & go on trip to Japan!

       your potential 4 FL Silvers _______________,   __________________,   ___________________,   _________________ :-)

                            AND  ACTIONS LEAD TO RESULTS!!!