Ten Benefits which occur while using OWNERS

1. Creates confidence from day one – New Consultants “become” a Wellness Consultant from Day 1

2. Helps a Consultant lead with the Business & the Products simultaneously

3. Using the acronym OWNERS is extremely duplicable (the key to this business)

4. During the Presentation, helps the Consultant:

Listen More

Create Interaction

Locate The Prospect's True Interest

5. Helps lower prospect's barriers through a interactive process of Self Discovery

6. Helps prospect take OWNERSHIP of their health & helps them INVEST (no need to loan-loaning won’t even come up)

7. Credibility: Helps a Consultant treat this as a Global Business from day one. Nikken is “an over 2 ½ decade Global Preventive Wellness Company, leading the Wellness Revolution” (verses “a magnet company”.)

8. Helps the New Consultant highlight our role in Health & Wellness, and differentiate and not cross over into medical.

9. Helps the Consultant (during the product focus) lead with Nikken’s Leading Edge Core Technology – that of the sleep system. Helps them illustrate how all the other technologies stair step one to a higher level.

10. Use of the RESERVOIR show clear need for leverage. Helps the prospect open their awareness that one income source is limiting; creates desire to learning about income/time leverage.

If you would like to download the OWNERS script to use in your business, you can do so by clicking HERE

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